Mayadeep Cottage

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Looking for some relax time in a silent, noiseless place?

St. Martin's Island


Mayadeep Cottages feature everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. After busy days exploring the St. Martin's Island scenery, history and food & relax on your balcony overlooking the natural views.

Tent Camping

A pitch black sky filled with bright stars in the middle of the wilderness. If this sounds like a dream, these camping facility will definitely inspire you to pack your bags and head out to Mayadeep Cottage, St. Martin's Island, Bangladesh.


Mayadeep Cottage famous outdoor BBQ facilities are held in the evenings at cottage open ground where sky is the limit, a famous local BBQ master will cook for you; a food bonanza awaits you as you dine with the beautiful sounds of the beach waves at the background.

Local Guide

There’s no better way to feel the heartbeat of the Island than discovering it with a knowledgeable local by your side who has similar interests to yours. Whether you want the focus of your visit to be on art, food, nightlife, sightseeing, or culture, now you can customize the Island tour with a local guide wherever your next destination might be.

Chhera Dwip

Chera Dwip, or Island, is an extension of St. Martin’s island. At some time of the year the island is divided by sea tides, however, at other times tourists can walk to Chera Dwip. For those tourists who dislike walking for them, we offering full tour guide with local motorboats which can take them to Chera Dwip. The Chera Island is about 8 km west of the northwest coast of Myanmar, at the mouth of Naf River.

Customers reviews

What a place to stay...! Absolutely amazing...! A calm and beautiful place designed with 'peace of mind' environment. Little beautiful cottages, well decorated dining, wonderful lighting
Farzana Yasmin
Administrative Manager
Awesome place. Calm and serene beauty.. Cooking and foods are so tasty and healthy.. Great for sea food item. Staffs are so professional and cordial. Their rooms are so well decorated, neat and clean, great amenities.
Afsana Shorna

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